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The Guardian Zone app disrupts the current security model of making venue security staff 100% responsible for public safety by empowering visitors in a medium or large venue to have a two-way interaction with the security staff to alert them to emergencies through the app. Guardian Zone puts safety literally in the hands and control of end users and in close connection with those in whom they entrust their safety. This builds a temporary network of all people with the Guardian Zone app on their smartphones to extend the venue’s security system and shorten the response time to emergencies. The data collected by Guardian Zone also aids the investigative work of law enforcement after an incident.

  1. Security managers at public venues install Guardian Zone software that allows them to communicate directly with Guardian Zone users
  2. Guardian Zone users download app onto their smartphones (First Responders are able to identify themselves when they download app)
  3. Guardian Zone users send an alert to Security manager when they see suspicious activity, need immediate assistance or need to covey an emergency situation.
  4. Guardian Zone app automatically alerts preprogrammed emergency contacts for users
  5. Security manager at venue receives alert, analyzes the situation and takes appropriate action
  6. GPS-location and photos from users allows venue security manager to identify location of emergency
  7. Security manager:
    1. Alerts any First Responders already on-site
    2. Alerts all Guardian Zone-enabled iPhone and Android smartphones and gives users instructions about what actions to take
    3. Signals all clear when the emergency is over
  8. More people get to safety thanks to Guardian Zone users