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About Guardian Zone

Guardian Zone (GZ) combines mass notification security software with personal security functionality. Guardian Zone protected Venues have the capability to communicate simultaneously with all smartphones with the Guardian Zone app within their designated perimeter. This creates a connection between venue security and their customers when time could mean life or death. Every day smartphones are turned into security devices by using the GZ app and empowering app users to become the eyes and ears of security. Smartphones with the GZ app can initiate contact and alert venue security about potential dangers or threats creating an essential partnership that protects the public. A self-empowering security solution that enhances and complements existing security systems in a medium or large setting. This app allows users to be vigilant and quickly take action using technology during emergency situations by interfacing with venue security.

Value Proposition

For managers responsible for security at medium and large venues where people congregate for work, school or leisure who want to extend the range of their security network and speed up their response time, Guardian Zone provides an innovative mobile application that connects any smartphone user within the venue directly to the security team and enables two-way communication during emergencies.

Unlike standard mass notification applications, Guardian Zone empowers customers and visitors to a venue to become additional “eyes and ears” who can quickly alert the security team to criminal activity or medical emergencies, enabling faster response time that saves lives. Reducing the notification time to security personnel during terror attacks by just a few minutes and improving communications to by-standers can save dozens of lives in a crisis.